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High Value Tasks: Four steps to success


There are some tasks that are vital as well as mandatory. They are called High Value Tasks. These are tasks that contribute the most value to your career or business. These should be done every day.

Below is a list of activities I have created for myself. I have categorized them by Product and Distribution.


1. Conduct a training session

2. Create a course video or podcast teaching something

3. Attend a training session

4. Create a training session outline

5. Write a story complete with moral and case studies to be used in a session

6. Create an activity including debriefing ideas to be used in a session

7. Learn a new technical skill or tool

8. Work on my voice and charisma

9. Work on code


1. Check in and have a conversation with an existing client for 30 mins or more

2. Talk to a new lead or prospect

3. Write a blog post or email (like this one), or record & post a video/podcast

4. Connect two of my friends to each other with no expectations of any return

5. Attend a conference or seminar and make a new professional acquaintance

6. Follow up with a prospect to whom I have sent a proposal

7. Make a LinkedIn, Instagram or Twitter post

8. Talk to an old colleague and catch up about what the old gang is up to

9. Reply to someone who sends amazing emails daily, and say something nice & encouraging 😜

Now that you have seen the lists, here’s what you do about it. Make your own lists (use mine for reference if needed). Pick two items from each of your lists and make sure you do those four activities everyday.

I’ve been doing it for years now. It’s not easy, but it’s doable with some effort. Also, it becomes easier with time. If you can’t do two from each category every day, at least do one from each category.

That’s it. That’s the secret of successful people. It may seem like that they are doing dozens of unconnected things. No matter what else they do, they are all ensuring that high value tasks are done. Every. Single. Day.

Make up your mind. Start today. Don’t go to bed till you’ve done your high value tasks for the day.

Valuing tasks highly,


PS: I’ll be helping you with finding "your" list of High Value Tasks in the upcoming Business Growth Roadmap workshop. It’s on November 28th, and tomorrow I’ll share the link to register yourself for it.