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“How do you come up with ideas for a new email every day?”


Today I reached a cherished personal milestone. Someone asked me a kind of a question that I have been asking other people myself.

"How do you come up with ideas for a new email every day?"

Not gonna lie, I did a fist pump and a Hell yeah!

The answer, though, is a little boring. I DON’T come up with a new idea every day. I have a system that works for me:

1. I have a WhatsApp group in which I’m the only member.

2. (You can create a group like this by adding any one person to a new group and then removing them from the group. That leaves only you in the group to do what you will in a kingdom of your own.)

3. I pin this group so it always stays on the top of my chat list.

4. Whenever a new idea comes to me, I immediately send a message to this group.

5. If I come across an interesting article, image, or video, I forward the link to this group.

I don’t immediately write about the topic. I let it sit there in that dump for a while. Every day, I spend 5 minutes to scroll through the list. If I find something that attracts my attention a second time, I move that message to a Google Sheet.

That google sheet is my content calendar. This is how it looks:


If you want to be a creator, you need good systems. I’m not sure if my system is good for everyone, but it works well for me. Create a system for yourself. Whether you want to write, make videos or record podcasts – a content calendar will help you.

That’s what I do,