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“How do you write an email every day?”


"How do you write an email every day?" This is a question I get quite frequently. It’s not a big secret. Anyone can do it. It needs some discipline and some passion. It is easier than most people think. It is more difficult to write a weekly email than a daily one.

Anything you do daily is bound to become a habit. Brushing your teeth in the morning is guaranteed part of the daily ritual. You’ve done it so many times, you don’t ever question it. Slowly but surely this email has become like that for me. I either have a few ideas bubbling in my mind by the time I sit to write it, or I am able to think of something in the first two minutes of thinking. The how is not the real question, I think.

The bigger question is "Why do I write an email every day?"

I have a few reasons –

  1. It helps me look at my life mindfully to draw some ideas from there
  2. It helps me test ideas with you and other readers, and focus on ideas that get the most responses
  3. It helps me become better at writing
  4. It helps create a streak which I have heard is good for dopamine
  5. There are some who open my email literally the moment it arrives. I don’t want to let them down by missing.
  6. I like writing. Plain and simple, but also true.

So, there it is. This is how and why I write a daily email.

I feel you should write too. Doesn’t matter how few or how many people ready it. Doesn’t matter if you have nothing great to share. The very act of writing will make you feel, think and learn better.

All writey then,