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How to get into the reading habit


We know that reading is good and we know its specific benefits too.

But are you the kind of person who feels sleepy the moment you start reading? Maybe, you don’t like reading. Maybe you’ve never had a reading habit.

Let’s see how to make time for reading and turn it into a lifelong habit:

1. Accept that reading is valuable. If you’re still unconvinced, just make a decision to experiment for a month, and not doubt it.

2. Think of the most appropriate time to slot in 30 mins everyday – preferably later in the evening/night. Barring emergencies, you can’t have anything else that competes for your attention during this time.

3. Pick a light book, preferably something less that 150 pages.

4. Set a target to finish the book in ten days (Saturdays and Sundays included). With an average reading speed of two minutes per page, this should be a piece of cake.

5. Try not to understand or analyze every word and concept. The human mind is good in recognizing important patterns when it sees it. Read casually, not to answer a quiz afterwards.

6. Play some light music in the background if it helps. Try playing rain sounds (available on YouTube). Create a ritual and an environment for it.

7. Commit to buy a gift for yourself when you finish the book. A reward at the end inspires everyone.

8. Select and buy three books – One fiction, One business book, One motivational book.

9. You’ll finish three books in a month. If you do this, you’d have achieved something that 95% people in the world haven’t been able to do in their lifetime.

Think about it. In a month, you’ll be in the top 95th percentile of people. Use this as additional motivation.

Keep doing this, and you’ll not be able to sleep at night before you’ve read something.

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