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I gave my blood to learn this lesson


We got our blood sucked by leeches yesterday. Not as an exercise in self-care (yes, that is a thing) but because our guide did not warn us.

I want to make it clear. We had a great time. My son especially, absolutely loved the nature walk. The weather was great and the walk scenic. I came back refreshed. Except, as a parting shot, our guide nonchalantly said, "Oh! This place has leeches. You should check if you got bitten."

I’ve never experienced leeches. If the guide had told us earlier about leeches on the property, I would probably not have gone. I certainly wouldn’t have taken my kid with me. In this case, ignorance was bliss!
Leeches are not remotely dangerous. I learnt that later. But I feared them before I got my blood sucked out of me. Many times, what we fear is far worse in our imagination than in reality. Have a little courage.

What are you missing because of your biases, your preconceived notions, and your unwillingness to leave your comfort zone?

Bleeding courage