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I need your help for my Gamification talk


As you might know, I’m giving a talk in GamiCon, an L&D-focused gamification conference this week.

My talk is titled: What’s in it for the Learner? It’s going to focus on an almost philosophical question about why anyone should listen to anyone at all. I’m 90% done with writing the talk.

Now I need your help. In a sentence or seven, answer some (or all) of these questions:

1. What’s in it for the learner?

2. Why should they listen to you?

3. Why should they participate in your "activities"?

4. What value do they get by being "attentive" in your session?

I’ll include your response as a slide in my talk with your name on it. Your contribution in this regard will make my talk that much more effective by offering a variety of different perspectives.

I appreciate the time you’ll take for this response and look forward to your valuable ideas. I’ll share the text of my talk with you after I have given it on 22nd.

What IS in it for the learner?


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