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I’m doing something that Indian parents hate


I teach coding to young kids.

Yeah, yeah. I know the controversy. I’m aware of the company that’s messed up the entire perception about coding in India. I don’t even have to take their name – you know who I’m referring to.

"This is the time for kids to play and have fun. Coding can wait," seems to be the mantra everywhere.

This is also unironically said by the same parents who send their kids to tuitions as well as football/tennis/cricket coaching (pick one) and music/art/yoga training (pick two) while giving them full time access to mobile phones and TV.

This isn’t a rant. I’m just explaining the somewhat skewed way in which the issue is being handled.

I’ve been teaching kids (of family and friends) coding way before the climate became so anti-coding. I’ve been doing it without charging any fees for a long time as I love it and truly believe it makes kids better. (These days, of course, I’m paid for it. But that is not the point.)

I’ll write a more nuanced and detailed article about this or make a video about it soon. Watch it in case you’re interested to hear my side of the story in more details.

If you’re in the "Kids should never code" group, I urge you to look beyond the current climate in the country and look at the massive benefits it brings.

I don’t mean money at all. Money is the least significant thing in the life of a kid. It’s about self-confidence, curiosity, sense of accomplishment, patience and similar benefits.

Coding is good. It’s just been maligned by some bad-faith actors and our response has been over-the-top.

let codingIsGood = true;