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In defence of Zero to One


Yesterday I did two training sessions:

1. Mobile App Development

2. Critical Thinking

In the first one, I taught about Widgets, Classes, Properties, Methods, Maps, Lists, States, etc.

In the second one I covered topics like Correlation, Cognitive Biases, Logical Reasoning, Opportunity/Sunk costs, etc.

The only similarity between the two is that I was dealing with learners who were learning something knew. In the Critical Thinking session, while there were some participants who knew some aspects of some topics, overall the session was fresh education. In the mobile app class, obviously, the entire thing was new for everyone.

There’s something about teaching people something from scratch that makes me very happy.

It challenges me to forget my current level of knowledge. It challenges me to work closely with my learners and go down to their level – without dumbing it down or patronizing them.

Also, I need to remember how I felt when I first learned these things myself. My job as a teacher is to try and recreate that feeling of awe and happiness I found myself – while cutting through any fear or uncertainty. I need to make them comfortable. I need to find the right balance of fun and challenge to ensure they want to continue learning long after I’m done with my class.

That’s the responsibility I feel when I am taking some from Zero to One.

What do you think when you are doing sessions for beginners? How is that different from your approach with people who already know a little about the topic?

I like 123, I love 021,