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Income vs Outcome


This is a question that many professionals deal with frequently – or at least they should.

As a trainer, I often wonder what outcome (if any) does my work have. Do the corporate employees actually become better at their job/life after my session? Do my clients get enough value for the money they spend on me? Do I create the basis for change and improvement in the teams that engage my services?

Am I creating an outcome, or is this work just for some income?

No. I’m not having a crisis of faith. These are questions that we discuss at my company in every monthly meeting. We are not second guessing ourselves. We are ensuring course correction is possible if we start seeing decrease in outcome.

For me, the measure of outcome is about getting the third training session with a new client. The first time, like everything that’s done for the first time, is usually good. If we get the second session, it’s usually due to the first one having gone really well due to a lot of extra preparation. The third one is the true test of outcome.

If you work with new clients frequently, and they don’t call you back for the third time, ask yourself this question. Are you in it for the outcome, or just the income?

For a professional, income is a side-effect of the outcome they create. They’re not two options in a single choice we have to make.

Out is the new In,