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iOS app and Learning to Moving on


For the first time in these emails, I share a tech issue with you. I know that most likely it won’t make any sense to you. I am sharing this all the same because I think a great moral to this story.

For the last four hours, I have been struggling with a technical issue with one of my iOS apps. I searched through the lengths and depths of google, and tried and failed at dozens of suggestions from StackOverflow (a developer site). I was pulling my hair out (or what little is left of it) in frustration, because I was running late for a demo with a client. I even considered postponing the meeting.

So, four hours later, finally I fixed the problem. It turned out that my app was still supporting iOS version 9.0 even though it’s been 6 years since its release and we are in iOS 14.5 now. I have been making accommodations for an older version of an operating system in spite of knowing 95% of all people on the platform have long upgraded from it.

In supporting a very small minority of laggards, I was wasting too much of my time and also denying my more forward-looking clients a chance at better features. Backwards compatibility comes at a cost – to the developer as well as most of the users.

Learning to move on was literally one click away. All the errors and the heartache disappeared with one decision and a subsequent click. Make the choice to move on from the past and maybe you’ll feel more free and create a win-win environment for yourself and those who depend upon you. Decide to move away from those who hold you back and you’ll move faster and farther with those who are willing to walk with you.

On 14.5,