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Kake da dhaba


This is a very funny joke I had heard when I was in school. It is funny now too, but it has taken on a deeper meaning as well.

There’s this guy who is a frequent patron at Kake da Dhaba (Kaka’s road-side restaurant).

After the meal, while washing his hands at the basin, he has a disgusting habit of cleaning his mouth by gargling loudly, making cacophonous noises and spitting audibly. He also washes his face with soap, blows his nose, combs his hair – leaving soap, water and muck everywhere. You get the picture. It is disgusting. The rest of the patrons keep complaining, but Kaka shows a lot of restraint.

One day, finally he snaps and confronts the guy.

"Is this how you behave when you go to other hotels too?" asks Kaka.

"Of course!" responds the guy.

"And how do they react?" asks Kaka, curiously

"Well, they kick me out and ask if I think this is Kake da Dhaba."

The joke is better enjoyed by listening than reading, but I hope you laughed.

The deeper meaning I only discovered now is "You attract what you tolerate". Whether it is moments of misery, mediocrity or magic. If you allow it to come close to you, it will find a way to come close to you.

Selective tolerator,