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Leeches and Clickbait


Yesterday, I wrote, what I thought was a great mail. It was topical. It had a great conclusion. It had some food for thought. I was expecting some conversations with you. Yet, very few people even opened it, let alone talk about it.

It is probably because it had a title which was a clickbait. The kind of title people who run entertainment news websites use.

"This is why Mr. Bond will never be return back on screen." – Completely fake article

"Doctors can’t believe that this simple household item can reverse diabetes." – Real titles from real articles which are fake news.

"I gave my blood to learn this lesson" – My title. I was hoping it would work. That lots of people who read my daily mail would be curious enough to read. But, nope! 🤦‍♂️

Here’s the thing. People see through this nonsense. They click out of curiosity, not to learn anything. It was an experiment I wanted to run to check something and it failed. Or maybe it succeeded. I dunno.

If you are trying your hands at content marketing, remember this truth. A good subject line is 80% of the work. The actual email is the remaining 20%. If people don’t open your emails, it doesn’t matter how well it was written.