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Lessons from writing daily for 365 days


Exactly a year ago, I started writing these daily emails. This is what I learned from the experience.

  1. The number of people who read daily and respond and engage in discussions about them is a reward in itself. It grows my understanding of the topic I talk about which is also a reward in itself.
  2. It has built discipline and responsibility like no other activity I have ever done could have. Sticking to a strict deadline of 4pm every day no matter what is extremely difficult, but being able to do so has created a huge positive impact on my personality.
  3. There is never any dearth of topics to write about. Picking and choosing what to write about is the bigger challenge.
  4. Not every email can be high quality. Of the 365, I can say with some confidence that about 50 were really good. But that happend only because I wrote so much. If I had tried to write only 50 good ones, I’d have found it next to impossible.
  5. I have enough material and ideas now to finally write a full book. I know exactly what ideas resonate with people and that selection goes into the book. I have set a target of a year to finish that book.
  6. I’m more mindful about what is happening in and around my life and business as I have to draw daily lessons from there. That can only help.
  7. Writing daily helped me find an audience willing to participate and help build products. It helped me to give well-received international conference talks and contribute to highly acclaimed magazines.
  8. It helped build an international presence in a group of respected and accomplished professionals. Acquaintances became friends, and friends became partners.

All this inspires me to continue daily writing for at least another year, most likely much longer. Thank you for your continued interest and support.