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Live training vs Livestreaming


I’ve been doing almost daily virtual training sessions on Teams and Zoom for over a year now. It feels completely natural and I’m very relaxed.

I’ve been doing YouTube Livestream sessions once or twice a month, and every single time I have felt stressed before and during the session.

I’m trying to figure out why. It’s not that I’m any less comfortable teaching coding than I’m in talking about corporate training concepts. If anything, I’m been teaching coding for way longer.

It’s not like an additional tool like OBS makes a big difference. I don’t think it should.

It’s not like sitting in front of a Green Screen with chroma key makes too much of a difference either.

Nor does complete strangers watching the livestream feel any different than strangers who attend my corporate sessions.

I guess it has to do with the fact that on YouTube the recorded video stays forever that makes me stressed. I guess it’s because a mistake in a livestream can be rewound and watched again.

I’m not sure though.

What do you think? Why is livestreaming on YouTube so stressful compared to doing a training session?

Stayin’ a-live,