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Me or We: COVID-19 and Selfishness


Every step of the way, everyone has to constantly keep making this decision: Me or We.

What is more important? The self or the community. The leader or the team? The educator or the learners?

In theory, the answer is always We. But, in practice, we’re all seeing that it’s not true.

The country is at that point now, and most people are behaving selfishly. If we can stay home, and choose to step out, then we are putting our selfish desires over the urgent needs of the community and country.

If we can educate someone to stop being selfish, but we hold back wondering how our relationship will be affected, we’re being selfish.

If we are stepping out of home without a mask, or keeping quiet when we see friends or acquaintances without maks, we’re being selfish.

If we see selfish neigbours all around in our society and don’t talk to them about the dire need to behave better, then we are being selfish.

Let’s stop being selfish. Let’s start becoming responsible. Let’s start taking responsibility.

There’s no need for death and suffering to knock on our doors before we become serious.

Armchair warrior,