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Meaningful Milestones: Schools vs Corporates


My son just wrote his final exam today. I watched as he wrote the last word and put the pencil down. He heaved a sigh of relief. That celebratory dance and genuine happiness was infectious.

While results are still far away and the beginning of a new term farther still, end of the last exam is still a sort of milestone in a kid’s education for that year. The next few months will have a few more milestones to feel a sense of real accomplishment.

In corporate life though, we don’t have any clear milestones to celebrate. I posit that (other than friends) one of the biggest reason we all miss our school and college life is due to this lack of meaningful milestones.

In corporate jobs, while promotions and salary hikes happen once in a while, they’re infrequent and often inadequate. They, at best, leave a feeling of getting what we deserved and at worst are a stark reminder of a year wasted accomplishing nothing.

Corporate HR and L&D will truly earn their place in the hearts of employees when they create enough (and frequent) milestones worthy of feeling like accomplishments in the life of corporate employees.

I don’t have an answer about how, but I feel this is a direction in which more thought needs to be put.

Smiling at every mile,