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Minimum Lovable Product


"MVP is uninspiring. Build an MLP instead."

MLP? Multi Level Parking? Multi Layer Protocol? What the hell is an MLP?

Well, as it turns out, MLP stands for Minimum Lovable Product. (Shoutout to CHN for introducing me to the concept.)

For the longest time, since Eric Ries suggested the idea in The Lean Startup, an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) has become the de facto standard in New Product Development.

Ask your potential customers what they want. Build one or two important features into the product. Put it out there for people to experience it. Keep iterating until you have a great product.

"Don’t wait too long to launch." That’s the MVP mantra.

I’ve been following that adage diligently for years now. Maybe it’s time to take a step back and reexamine the soundness of that advice.

I’m not entirely sure what "lovable" means in the context of Product Development. Frankly, I’ve only heard about the term only yesterday and haven’t been able to research/learn much about it yet.

That’s my weekend project. But, the term itself is so exciting that I thought I’ll share that with you today. Check it out. Maybe you’ll like what it means.

Once I learn more about it, and if my excitement of the moment holds after a week, I’ll write a whole week-long series about it. As of now,

I’m lovin’ it,