Gentle Bamboo Solutions

Money, Knowledge and Impact


Long ago, we had designed a training simulation game called Race for Rockets. It’s a game about Stakeholder Management, Communication, Negotiation and Handling Change. It works really well for Supply Chain Management too.

When we originally thought of it, it was a simple simulation where participants are put in Design, Manufacturing and Assembling teams. They buy and sell designs, parts and assemblies from each other. They race to build a rocket for a fictitious organisation called NSRO. There is lots of negotiation between the various teams in the game, but eventually they are all working to maximize their Profit.

Profit as in Money. While it was fun to play and debrief, there was no higher purpose in the game. It started feeling a little shallow.

As we kept on thinking about how to add more depth to it, we arrived at a better metric to measure success in the game. To make the game more life-like, we had to understand and incorporate something crucial from the real world: Not everyone is after money. Sure, some are. But, not all.

Some want to learn. Some want to create an impact in the world. While money is a very important ingredient in this, it’s not the only one.

Our game now allows people to go after Money, Knowledge and/or Impact. In doing that, our play-tests show, the game offers deeper insights and lessons. Of course, the value of money can never be underestimated. But, we need to take care not to overestimate it too.

Chasing I and K,