Gentle Bamboo Solutions

More, and better, conversations in 2021


At Gentle Bamboo Solutions, we have been scratching our heads to come up with a meaningful answer to this question: What is our target for 2021?

We have spent a pretty big part of the last week of December 2020 in these discussions.

Of course, we had had the same discussion in the last week of December 2019 too. And 2020 didn’t pan out as we had planned.

Don’t get me wrong. We had a good year. Actually, we had a great year. It just didn’t turn out to be good in a way we hoped it would.

We did lots of things that we wanted to, and lots of things we never imagined.

The four things that helped make 2020 good for us are –

1. Investing time and effort in building

2. Investing time and effort in doing free (and paid) Open Virtual Workshops.

3. Investing time in overdelivering on our promises to our clients, and walking not one but tens of extra miles.

4. Applying for talks at International conferences (and actually getting three talking slots)

However, all these are still secondary reasons. The primary reason that led to a great 2020 was – Investing a lot of time in meaningful conversations with a wide variety of people proactively.

If there was only one thing I could carry forward to 2021, that would be having even more conversations.

To that end, I invite you for a conversation. If nothing comes out of it, so be it. But, you know, something might.

Reply to this mail, or text/whatsapp me on +917892332932. Let’s talk

Call me maybe 🤙


PS: I’m starting a new podcast/YouTube talk show called Trainer’s Journey this month. If our initial conversation is interesting, I’d very much like to have you on the show. We’ll talk about all things Training, Learning and Education.