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More lessons from Leeches


Leeches are fascinating creatures. They’re small, scary and disgusting.

They are literally used as a metaphor for someone who hurts you, and yet the creature itself doesn’t "really" hurt you that much.

It just lies waiting under the leaves and on the grass for its target to approach. It then jumps on the target, injects a local anesthetic, adjusts its own body temperature to be the exact same as the target to avoid detection, injects a chemical to ensure the blood thins (and flows smoothly) and finally consumes only what it needs and leaves. It doesn’t cause any infection or any lasting damage. There’s barely any reports of someone having died of leech bites.

Leeches are fascinating creatures. "Take no more than what you need and cause no harm " is a great mantra to live by.

We need to use a better metaphor. Leeches are not that bad. Maybe, the damn mosquito fits the metaphor better.

Stop defaming Leeches,