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Movie Recommendation Ford v Ferrari


Ford v Ferrari is one of the finest movies to come out in 2019. It is a story based in 1960’s when Ford tries to buy Ferrari. When the deal falls off, the owner of Ferrari insults the owner of Ford and instead makes a deal with Fiat. Henry Ford II is livid, and decides to showcase the true power of The Ford Motor Company – by defeating Ferrari in Le Mans Endurance Race.

He hires the best designers, engineers and drivers by throwing millions of dollars to "go to war against Ferrari." The movie captures not just their rivalry, but also offers so many life and business lessons. The dialogue and the pacing of the movie is just perfect. Watch it for fun and for learning.

My favourite quote from the movie is when Iacocca says, "Ferrari’s bankrupt. He’s (Enzo Ferrari) spent every lire he has chasing perfection. And he got there, and he’s broke."