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My love-hate relationship with technology


After finishing my Mechanical Engineering degree, I joined Infosys and worked as a Software Developer. I hated every moment of the tech work I did there.

I quit that job and joined a manufacturing company. After six months of working as a Design Engineer, I helped a short-staffed project to finish a tech project. Slowly but surely, I got pulled into all the tech projects. I loved the work for a while, but soon got frustrated.

I quit again and joined a startup manufacturing company as the Head of Operations. The SAP implementation in that company was a disaster, and I decided to build a small system in the meantime to manage Sales and Planning. I got stuck in that because the SAP plan was scrapped, and I spent the next three years perfecting my small side project into a full-fledged ERP system.

The entrepreneurship bug bit hard, and I started my own company. A software company seemed like the best bet, because in spite of running away from tech at every step, I had actually become quite good at it. I have been running that company for almost a decade now.

There’s a saying: Man plans, God laughs. That’s been the story of my life.