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My responsibilities as a trainer…


When I’m offered a training assignment, my client (or my company) is giving me a lot of power. They are willing to give me access to the minds of 20-30 people (or more) for 90-120 minutes (or more). They put their trust in me – the people who participate in it and the people who pay for it.

They are not paying (or attending) for me to show off to my participants, or to come unprepared and wing it, or to tell stale old stories that I found on YouTube, or to use decades old PowerPoint slides, or to have a hastily created activity.

They expect me to take this seriously and to come prepared. They expect me to achieve some things. To entertain, to inform, to educate, to persuade, to convert, to inspire. To change – in some way. They give me the power to do all of this when they hire me.

That power brings with it lots of responsibility. It means hundreds of hours of the company’s time is at stake, and that time ought to be put to good use. It means that the participants will create more value for the company by virtue of attending my session (compared to what they would have without attending it). It means that the participants feel it was more worthwhile to attend this session (compared to the other options they had like work, meetings, leisure, netflix).

All this responsibility rides on me when I accept a training assignment. It may just be a job for me, or a passion, or an assignment. For dozens of participants and for the client it is a very costly engagement. Much costlier than the invoice I send. So much time of so many people is at stake.

When I accept that assignment, I am aware of the responsibility. When I (over)prepare for the session, I acknowledge that responsibility. When I walk into a training room (or log in to zoom), I remember that responsibility.

I have the risk of being completely ineffective if I let my guard down. I also have the great opportunity to influence the very direction of my participants’ careers and the company’s growth – every single time I do a session.

I want to be sure that I do justice to that responsibility. How about you?

Responsibly yours,