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“Never will I ever do X…”


A few years ago, when Apple started using Intel processors in their MacBooks, they swore "Never will we ever get into processors again"

A few years ago, when Microsoft released Windows 10, they swore "Never will we ever have a new version number for Windows"

A few years ago, when Samsung got sued by Apple, they swore "Never will we ever work together again"

Apple has now released the so-called M1 Chip which is taking the world by storm. They’ll most likely stop buying from Intel soon.

Microsoft has just announced the release of Windows 11. The designs have been leaked before release and are actually receiving great reviews.

Samsung has sold more screens to Apple this year for phones and laptops than for any other consumer (including themselves).

The world of business changes every day, every week, every month, every year. Never is too big a time commitment. So is Forever.

What did you think you’ll never do? Social Media? Virtual Sessions? Sales calls?

Don’t let ego and change aversion hold you back. It’s OK to say "Never will I ever…". It’s also OK to change your mind and say "Actually…"

Never will I ever say "Never will I ever",