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[Pandemic & K12] The Student


[This is part of a series of emails about how the Pandemic has impacted and influenced K12 education]

The Students

I’d like to think there are 3 categories of students.

1. The early stage (KG, 1, 2, 3)

2. The intermediate stage (4, 5, 6, 7, 8)

3. At stake stage (9, 10, 11, 12)

If you’re an educator who works with kids in any of these stages, or if you run a school which has kids in all these stages, or if you are a parent/grandparent, you’ll either be nodding along with me or vehemently disagreeing with the names I have used for the stages.

Hear me out though.

The Early Stage and The At Stake Stage need more attention. There I have said it. If you have a kid in the Grade 4 to 8 stage, you can relax a bit. This was just an extended holiday that every adult craved but very few got.

If you have a kid who is in Grade 9 to 12, which is basically an angsty hormonal teenager, they need more attention than ever and you need to show more patience that ever.

Spending time with friends at this stage is extremely important to build strong long term relations, and unfortunately that wad taken away from many of these kids. Whether you’re an educator or a parent, please treat these kids with extreme care.

Habits and Attitudes formed now stay for a lifetime. Be supportive and stay out of their way. They may need you, but they don’t want you now.

The Early Stage ones are a whole different kind of challenge. This is the stage when the mind is growing faster than at any age in life. They absorb ideas and behaviors like a sponge. This was the time they should have been learning different thing from dozens of different people, but that was unfortunately taken away from them.

If you are a parent, give them more attention than usual. They’re losing out on attention from teachers, friends and classmates.

If you are an educator, the biggest mistake you’ll do is to only teach them academics.

Create opportunities for them to talk to each other. ABCD can wait. Making friends cannot.

For the sake of their future, let the kids mingle with each other. Create leisure classes in the timetable. Make them sing and dance and talk and play.

This early education cannot be replaced by anything afterwards.

Our kids are in your hands. Do not do the barest minimum and call it a day. Academics is the barest minimum at this stage. Friendships and confidence – that’s what our kids need to learn NOW!

Pass this message on to schools where your kids study, even if you don’t have kids in the early stage or at stake stage.

Everything that happens in our education system affects everyone in it.

Learners gonna learn,