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[Pandemic & K12] The Teacher


[This is part of a series of emails about how the Pandemic has impacted and influenced K12 education]

The Teacher

Starting from easiest to implement on to somewhat challenging to adopt, I offer three categories of advice for Teachers dealing with K12 students.

Software and Settings:

There are three predominant options: Zoom, Teams and Meet. Honestly, not much to choose between one or the other. What matters is two settings that create a massive difference. Train and encourage usage of these in EVERY single class:

  1. Background blur
  2. Noise cancelation


Prefer usage of following hardware:

  1. A laptop
  2. A digital graphic tablet
  3. A good web camera


Do NOT try to take a classroom session and convert it into an online class without any thought. This is an entirely separate medium and needs an entirely different approach.

  1. Ditch the blackboard or smartboard. It doesn’t work online. Use screen writing and whiteboards
  2. Be more visually enthusiastic than in a classroom session.
  3. Exaggerated voice modulation is mandatory. Monotonous teachers get tuned out in the all the distractions at home.
  4. Let children speak – to you and to each other. Create opportunities for this to happen with a variety of activities above and beyond “teaching”.
  5. Appreciate and recognize students by their name frequently. Successful YouTubers vouch by it. A “shoutout” (taking someone’s name to praise) keeps everyo glued to your session.
  6. Be funny. Crack jokes. Use colloquial references and memes. Kids love it and in turn they’ll love you for making the effort.
  7. Dedicate 5 mins at the beginning and end of each class for some fun activity that the kids look forward to – like a quiz or word search.

There’s a lot more, but this should be a good beginning.

A teacher’s role has always been important. But, today more than ever, it has become paramount. You can ignite the love of learning in a world that is struggling with pain and suffering. But before you do that, you have to reinvent yourself a bit.

I wish all the teachers all the luck and support on this journey.

If you know any school who needs my help to take a session for its teachers, please reach out to me. It’s always going to be a free service.

Helping you help the kids,