Gentle Bamboo Solutions

Passion vs Addiction


We "invest" a lot of time, money and effort over two types of things:

1. Our passions

2. Our addictions

Sometimes we get confused between the two – and start believing that our addictions are our passions and vice versa. How to tell them apart?

One sure way to differentiate between the is to see what you recommend others to do, when you have no personal gain from that recommendation.

If you’re constantly recommending people to try something (a TV series, a book, an idea, an approach, a service, etc) and you get nothing tangible out of that – that’s a passion. Pursue it.

If you yourself spend a ton of time, money or effort indulging in something (smoking, excessive eating, YouTube, Social media, mobile games, Korean TV series, etc) but never recommended it to others – that’s an addiction. Start making efforts to get out of it NOW. Rip it off like a bandage. Go cold turkey and stop that right away. That’s the only way.

Re-passioning and De-addicting,