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[Video] People love consuming video content


People love consuming video content. This is not an opinion or a wish. This is cold hard statistics.

If you are not creating videos – either to teach a concept, or to promote yourself – you’re missing out. More importantly, your learners and your potential clients are missing out.

Creating and hosting videos used to be a big expensive endeavour even up to a few years ago. Now, there are various ways you can do it.

  • Your mobile phone camera is perfect for it. Buy a tripod, and you’re good to go
  • Your laptop and software like Loom or Zoom are perfect for creating content while sharing your screen
  • Zoom or Teams are also great choices for creating interview-style videos

Today, however, I want to introduce you to another kind of video content: Animated Videos. This used to cost thousands of dollars to create in the past, and you needed extremely expensive software. These days, animated videos are simpler (and cheaper) to create. I just made one today and wanted to share it with you. You’ll appreciate how it looks like it is very professionally produced by a team of animators. But, it’s just me working on it for just 90 mins. Here’s the link:

The point I want to repeat is that videos are consumed by your learners as well as your potential clients. Create a variety of video content, and you’ll be in a position to create a bigger impact on them. A big part of the upcoming Business Growth Roadmap workshop is to help you create an effective content creation strategy for 2021.

Big Announcement

I’m happy to announce that we have started accepting nominations for the workshop scheduled on Saturday, 28th November. This is going to be a small group, and we will go really in-depth into strategy and tactics over a 3 month period.

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