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Planning an accidental breakthrough


Newton didn’t understand the law of gravity because an apple fell on his head. Apples have been falling from trees forever.

Archimedes didn’t discover buoyancy because he got into a bathtub and water spilled out. Millions of people have been in a bathtub.

Watson didn’t understand the double-helical structure of DNA because he had a dream. Everyone dreams every night.

None of these accidental breakthroughs happened in a void. They happened because Newton, Archimedes and Watson were already spending a lot of their time consciously thinking about Gravity, Buoyancy and DNA. The fall of apple, the spillage of water, and the dream were just a catalyst to an already ongoing process of deep enquiry.

Rarely has it ever been that an actual accident created a real breakthrough if the person in question wasn’t already focused on the idea.

Most overnight successes are results of years, or even decades, of invisible hardwork. Want to accidentally succeed? Start planning for it everyday.

Dreaming of apples in bathtubs,