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Recreating my favourite services


There are many services and apps I love: Udemy, Canva, Google Meet, Amazon, etc.

As a coding educator at Unacademy, I get to build and teach how to recreate these apps to young coders. It’s a lot of fun to take apps that cost millions of dollars and hundreds of developers to build and be able to recreate a simplified version of them in a week. It’s like paying an homage to apps that have helped me run my business and life. It’s also a bit of a test of my skills to be able to create a simple yet complete version of apps that earn millions of dollars while sitting in my bedroom.

The reason I am talking about this today is that it allows me to share another aspect of my life beyond being a corporate educator and a business owner. I am also a nerd who derives a lot of creative satisfaction from coding and teaching how to code.

What else do you enjoy doing beyond your "day job"? I’m always curious about the so-called hobbies and interests people have beyond their vocation.

Decoding coding,