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Rubik’s Cube is life


I saw a Rubik’s Cube for the first time in my life when I was 8 years old. It didn’t even know it was called that. It was a toy, and like all kids of that age, I got tired of it after 2 days.

When I was 22, I bought another one after seeing a video of some kid solving it blindfolded. I also learnt that it is not a toy, but a puzzle to be solved. I downloaded a pdf with a cryptic notation for moves to follow. Tried for a day and gave up frustrated and angry.

Now my son bought one 4 days ago. I wrote about that experience here. This time, however, I didn’t give up. You see, this time I had a purpose. I had to learn to teach my kid.

I watched a YouTube video and practiced the 7 steps. I practiced each step repeatedly until I became confident at it before moving to the next step.

The first four steps are super easy. The last step is also pretty simple. The fifth and especially the sixth step tested my patience.

The first full solve took 20 mins. The latest one took 3 mins. I can solve this thing now.

I can solve this thing now. 😍

There is a life lesson in here about purpose and perseverance. You need a bit of both to succeed in anything that’s somewhat challenging.