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Says who?


I like to use personal experience to design training courses. My work, my business, my colleagues, my clients, everyone I interact with has played a role in every session I’ve ever done. The opinions I express, the stories I share, and the advice I offer are mostly dependent on what I have learned from decades of personal choices and decisions.

A friend of mine is extremely knowledgeable about various learning theories, research and concepts. He can quote from books and white-papers about most topics on L&D from memory. He can do an entire session where he can share stories, advice and opinions which are backed by highly accomplished educators.

We both defend our styles. Fight about who is right vs who isn’t all the time. We both joke about the other’s approaches. My friend feels that one person’s ideas can’t have enough depth to fill entire sessions. I feel rehashing the contents of other people’s research is boring. Our battles continue.

Our learners, however, like both our styles. For them it doesn’t matter who is saying it. They care about what is being said.

What’s your take? Who or what?

Says me,