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Sleep deprivation is the new smoking


As per new reports, the number of smokers in the country (and the world) are reducing with time. That’s great news, and cause for celebration about healthier living.

A new disease seems to be cropping up in its place. Otherwise health conscious people are sleeping less than needed. Initial research says not getting enough sleep has as much adverse impact on health as a pack of cigarettes a day.

It’s an epidemic of sorts. People are working late hours, watching videos late into the night and feeling bouts of insomnia.

I am myself one of the worst offenders here, so I’m writing this email as much to myself as I am to you.

I just did a training session about Stress Management and living a Happier Life. Among other things, sleep was a very important part of the session.

Do you get enough sleep? I don’t, but I’m actively trying to fix it.