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Stop seeking secrets


I dunno if you know. I’m a trained magician.

In the world of magic, the secret is everything. However, knowing the secret to a trick and being able to perform a trick well are two completely different things. It’s the performance that creates magic in the minds of the audience. And its months and years of practice that leads to a great performance.

If you want to be someone who leaves a magical impact on the minds of your audience of learners, you have two possible paths you can choose from –

1. Spend your time learning the secrets of how others are doing it

2. Practice hard, and become better at your performance

The first approach will give you a false sense of achievement. It will make you feel good momentarily, but it doesn’t have any great outcome. I include a wide variety of things in the broad category of learning secrets. Motivational whatsapp forwards, reading too many biographies, inspirational YouTube videos, and all other "feel good" content. I know they can get addictive. I’m sure they’re good in moderation, but don’t overdo it. Knowledge of secrets won’t get you too far.

Approach your work with the second method. The one where you’re pouring your heart and soul and time into practicing your craft and becoming better at it and preparing for a performance that’s worthy of you. You’ll get way better return on your investment with this approach.

If you’re thinking "Why not both?", here’s an idea. Think of someone whom you think of a successful person you look up to. When was the last time you’ve seen them sharing random motivational messages, posters and stories on social media? Now think of someone whom you don’t think of as a big success. Observe the kind of messages they constantly keep sharing. That’s my point. I assure you that if you’re practicing hard, you won’t have time for the secrets.

Practicing with a mirror,