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Stray dogs and wild leopards


For the last month, in my housing society, we have been having a massive discussion about stray dog "menace".

There are dozens of dogs, maybe a hundred – that live in our 110 acre property. Some residents feed them and feel we all need to "coexist" with the dogs. Some tolerate them and don’t think it’s an issue. Other hate the very fact that the dogs live in "our" area. For the last category, it’s a matter of life and death.

For the last one week, no one has discussed the dogs at all. We have a new problem.

There is a rumor that someone saw a leopard near the basketball court. The stray dog problem seems too unimportant now.

There is no truth to the leopard sighting story but it doesn’t matter. One fake leopard is way scarier than a hundred real dogs.

I don’t have a moral here. Just pointing out the fact about how the world prioritizes problems.

Spotting a spotted leopard,