Gentle Bamboo Solutions

Streaks and irony


At Gentle Bamboo, we have a new client with whom we may start working on gamifying their platform soon.

It’s a huge project with a very committed and well connected team. It’s a great opportunity and a privilege to contribute with our consulting (when it starts).

One of the key concepts to make such a platform succeed is to make the users become invested in streaks. Keep doing some thing on the portal everyday. Feel the need to contribute daily. Make it so that missing a single day should feel bad.

The power of streaks works for every aspect of our life. Whether it is brushing our teeth which is a society-induced streak, or meditation/workout which is a health and wellness inspired streak.

Streaks are powerful motivators. Like writing this daily email is for me. I’ve not missed a single mail in the last 400 days – and it makes me feel really good about it.

Now for the irony. I got so caught up in streaks and implementing them in a client project that I missed my daily email streak for the first time ever yesterday. 🤦‍♂️

Starting from Zero again,