Gentle Bamboo Solutions

Success comes from doing more


I want to share a quick update about our plans for Gentle Bamboo in Year 2. I hope you get to see something in this that you can start doing too.

If you are a trainer, you may learn something from it to apply to your own practice. If you work in a corporate L&D role, consider this as our credentials to build confidence, if you want to work with us. 😜

1. I have been writing these emails for a month now. I haven’t once been even 10 minutes later than my committed time. Trust me it needs loads of commitment to do this daily, but it is doable. The responses I get makes it worth the effort. The writing clarifies my thoughts and the responses give me ideas on where to focus my energies on. Start a daily project like this. It will do wonders for your time management skills.

2. We launched a Podcast called the A2Z of Facilitation three months ago. In Season 1 we recorded 26 amazing episodes in it. We are already working on Season 2.. This year we hope to record 52 episodes in a new series called Trainer’s Journey.

3. I’ve been giving talks in various universities, trainer groups, and business networking groups. Based on the success and reception from these, I’ve applied for a talk at an international gamification conference. I’m happy to report that I’ll be speaking this month at Gamification Europe. I’ll share more details tomorrow. The big idea here is to get out of your comfort zone and speak in front of people – without them paying for it, or without expectations of any return. The practice gives you some direction on where you’re good at and where you should improve.

4. Gentle Bamboo has started a new YouTube channel: Subscribe here. We are hoping to post a new video EVERY DAY. That’s a huge public commitment we’re making, and if we’re able to keep it, we’ll become better at many skills. Make an impossible sounding public commitment and stick to it, and you’ll become better for it. For me, the daily email was that, and I’m still going strong.

5. Offer open workshops for people to attend. Teach your expertise not just in a corporate environment but to the world at large – even if you are working in a corporate company yourself. Teach new skills to your family, friends, colleagues, etc. You become better when you do this yourself. Not sure who will attend? Don’t worry! It’s ok if only two people attend it. It’s amazing it twenty people attend it.

I’m doing a 3-hour workshop this month-end. It’s called Business Growth Roadmap. Nominations are open from today. Only 20 participants are allowed. 4 have already confirmed. If you want to join, reply to the message and confirm your place.

Doing more,