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Tangible benefits of reading


A few people responded to yesterday’s mail and said something along the lines of "Stop talking theory. Let’s talk practical tangible benefits of reading"

Well, challenge accepted. Here are some tangible benefits of reading daily:

1. Harness years worth of wisdom and hard work of experts in hours. Why repeat others’ mistakes when they have solved, documented and explained them?

2. Brain activity is high during reading. Neurons firing, connections strengthening, all sorts of sciency things. Keeps your brain younger and healthier for longer.

3. If you’re an educator, it expands your knowledge in many directions allowing you to reference newer stories, studies and characters in your training sessions or as part of Q&A thereby adding more depth to your words while reducing reliance on tired old stories that everyone is sharing.

4. It’s a time of solitude and it allows you to calm your mind.

5. Reduces screen time and is great on eyes.

Surely, there’s more to reading than this list that I created on the top of my head. Do you know how you can find out more about reading? By reading of course.

Ready to read,