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Tata Nexon EV vs Mercedes S Class


My neighbour had a Mercedes S Class. He sold it and bought a Tata Nexon EV. He’s happier and prouder. There are thousands like him.

How do you explain it? Ditching a car by a company which is the literal definition of Luxury, to buy from a company that is usually considered "the last resort" or a "step down".

I spoke to him. His response is an indication of the way the world is changing. His response is the difference between companies/products that succeed by pushing the frontiers and those that rest too long on their past laurels.

A decent-looking Electric Vehicle is a better bet (for some people) than an uber-luxury car. In every industry there are incumbents who are complacent and stop innovating. That’s your (and my) opportunity. To create something that appeals to a niche audience. Something that is very, very different from what’s in the market.

Will everyone like it? Of course not. That’s not even our target. Even if most of the world loved what we do, we don’t have the bandwidth to satisfy that demand.

Appeal to a minority. Find a niche. Succeed big by going small.

Nex on your list,