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The Agenda


After more than a year of doing exclusively virtual sessions on Microsoft Teams platform (which was not as feature rich as Zoom), I have come to a conclusion. There is one change that has brought more engagement in my training sessions than everything else I have tried put together: The Agenda.

The Agenda, you ask? What does that even mean?

Well, there are two ways to start a training session. Start a bullet list of agenda items and go through them one by one OR Create a narrative/story/experience out of it. The former, I’ve done 8% of the time. It was OK. The latter, I’ve done fewer times. Its impact has been quite amazing.

Sometimes, my agenda is a Bingo! game played throughout the session. Sometimes, it is a "Look under Rocks in a Cave" game. Other times it is "Look behind the Doors" exercise. Sometimes it has been a "Heist with puzzles and gemstones" story. Yet other times, I have created a "Race to the Mountain Top" kind of quest. There have been Swashbuckling Pirate stories and Find the treasure kind of adventures too.

You see, my actual sessions remain the same, more or less. The only difference is the way I share the agenda of the session with the learners. And it has made all the difference.

If you have tried something similar, please share. If you are interested to learn more, let me know and I will share a few mails this week about how I approach some of these ideas.

What’s your agenda?