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The Banana Disaster


Last week, our banana plantain was finally harvested. If yielded about 600 fruits. We distributed about 10 fruits per neighbour on our street, who all loved them. This is the story of the disaster.

It took a full 8 months of care to grow the fruits. The two gardeners who harvested it took about ₹800 for an hour’s worth of work.

The tree had to completely uprooted from our garden and it cost ₹3000 to do that and fill back the missing soil. The stains in our car parking due to the harvest took ₹500 to clean up with an acid wash.

Four tiles were broken during the process which cost ₹1000 to fix.

The bananas that took 8 months on the tree, ripened and started rotting in 5 days after the harvest which means the entire family has been eating four a day just to ensure it isn’t wasted – at the end, we didn’t even enjoy the fruits.

Altogether we gave away 550 (between the gardeners and neighbours and friends) and consumed about 50.

End result: It cost us ₹100 per banana and too much headache. It wasn’t worth it. At all.

I have a simple moral to this story: Do not grow bananas. Buy and eat the damn fruit when you feel like it.

Some things sound great in theory. But, in reality, they are an unmitigated disaster.

Slipping on peels,