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The Billionaire’s Gambit


A charity Chess event was organized to raise funds for COVID-19 relief this week. World champion Grandmaster Vishwanathan Anand played many celebrities simultaneously and defeated everyone. Except one of the celebrities, who, with barely any knowledge of chess, defeated Vishy. Massive achievement. Except…

He cheated.

Nikhil Kamath, Founder of Zerodha, India’s youngest Billionaire and all-round great guy used the assistance of a computer algorithm to beat Vishy.

It’s extremely unethical. It’s highly disrespectful. And in a charity game against India’s greatest chess player, it is just plain stupid.

He was caught, he confessed, his apology was considered more disrespectful than the cheating itself.

The entire world of chess is up against Nikhil in arms. From Youtubers to News portals and Fans and Grandmasters are all enraged.

India’s youngest Billionaire has gone from being an inspirational leader to a sad cheater in a matter of one day.

In chess, the word Gambit means offering a momentary sacrifice to get a massive advantage later. In this case, The Billionaire’s Gambit seems to have been to make a massive sacrifice (of ethics and fairplay) to achieve a momentary high of defeating a great player.

There have been many cheating scandals in Chess. People caught cheating are always looked down upon. This latest one is yet another lesson about taking the easy way out without worrying about the consequences.

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