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The client wants it to succeed more than you


Any project that you are doing for a client, whether it is consulting on a retainer or a fixed-price project, the client has much more riding on the success of that project. Involve the client in discussions. Ask questions to them. Offer them options to choose from. Share data and relevant information with them. Help them make better decisions. Assist them in understanding the risks and rewards. Have honest conversations. Clarify potential pitfalls. Advise based on your past failures as well, not just on successes. Keep them informed about progress. Over-communicate, if necessary.

When someone pays money for a product or a service, it means they value that service more than their money. That is why they are spending that money. Every time they follow-up about their project, is a learning opportunity. Their unreasonable behaviour is a lesson too. There is no point in finding faults with the client. If you are uncomfortable with current clients, next time be careful whom you work with. But the one you have now needs to be dealt with responsibly.

For you, this could just be a portfolio item on your website. For them, hiring you could well have been the most important decision of their lives. Living up to such high expectations is on you, not them. You know why?

Because, the client wants the project to succeed more than you. And when you help such a client to succeed, they’ll bring ten more clients to your doorstep. Long after you have forgotten their original project.

Succeeding with you,