Gentle Bamboo Solutions

The coronavirus scare – Again


The virus is back. With a vengeance. Worse than before. But, no one seems to care any more.

At Gentle Bamboo, we have asked all our employees to work from home. We never really changed that instruction, but people got tired of working from home. They just started coming to office once or twice a week. I started doing the same.

Last year, we started working from home at least a month before the nation went into lockdown. This time too, we’re now reconsidering imposing a lockdown – at least for our employees and ourselves. We have all forgotten how scary things were just a year ago, and we’re on the verge of yet another lockdown – if rumours are to be believed.

One way or the other, times are scary once more. Consider taking more precautions if you have become somewhat complacent like me. There’s no need to learn from personal experience in this case. Let us look after ourselves, our families and our communities.

Stay safe, stay home,