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The four-minute-mile


Roger Bannister ran a mile (1.6 km) in 3:59.4 minutes on 6th May 1954. No one had ever done a "four-minute-mile" before.

Until 1954 a four-minute-mile was impossible.

Many experts considered a four-minute-mile to be beyond human capacity. For hundreds of years, they were correct. Once the first person did it, the myth was shattered.

Two more people achieved the feat within the next two months. The current record stands at 3:43.13: a full 17 seconds below what was an impossible target to reach in the past. In the last few decades, over 1400 athletes have achieved it.

That’s all it took. One person had to do it to prove to others that it can be done. Once the mental barrier was broken, the physical one fell to the wayside as well.

Your life and career can sometimes be like this too. What is your four-minute-mile? What is a myth that’s holding you back? What is something that you won’t even attempt because you believe it is impossible?

The solution to overcome it is hidden in this story. See who is doing something that you are unable to do. Ask yourself how they are doing it. In fact, go one step further: Ask them how they are doing it. Most people are happy to share their story and guide you.

I’m not saying for one moment that the four-minute-mile is for everyone. It isn’t for everyone. It needs an immense amount of effort.

It is not easy. But, it is not impossible. If you want it, you can go after it.

Born to run,