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The Glorious Future


Remember how 2020 was supposed to be the greatest year ever? For decades people had been referring to 2020 as that mythical year. A year when their country would become a superpower; when renewable energy will be the norm; when flying cars would be everywhere; when world hunger would be resolved; when world peace would be within grasp; and when a million other great things would happen.

No one – not one person – came close to predicting what has actually happened. Of course, scientists and other experts knew a pandemic like this was guaranteed to happen. Some day. 2020 could never have been that year. 2020 was supposed to be too glorious.

We were all so busy preparing for a Glorious Future that we didn’t do enough to make that future glorious. But all is not lost yet.

The pandemic will definitely have a far-reaching impact on every type of business. I focus my attention quite heavily on the Learning & Development industry though, and this mail is about that.

Depending on who you ask, the pandemic has been either an absolute disaster or a massive blessing. In the training industry too, the reviews and opinions have been mixed.

Some people say that classroom sessions are dead and finished, and virtual is the only way forward. Others (myself included) claim it is a matter of time – and classroom sessions will be back. Of course not in as much quantity as before, and not that frequently. But, there is a certain charm to classroom learning which cannot be denied.

My only caveat is that classroom sessions will be extremely expensive and will be for a select few trainers.

Virtual sessions will be like fast food, classroom sessions will be fine dining.

Should you build your expertise in both these styles, you will be unstoppable. Just being good isn’t enough though. Your prospective clients need to know that you are good too. A Glorious Future beckons. Are you prepared for it? Are you up for the big jump in skills – both session delivery as well as branding/marketing – that will be expected of you for sustainable business growth?

Gentle Bamboo is doing a one of a kind workshop focused on the new age trainer. We will dig deep into strategies that help you hone your skills and prepare you (and your business) for the future. If you want to participate in that exclusive workshop, reply to this mail and express your interest.