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The GPS Framework – Give Direction to your Training Sessions

GPS Direction

Welcome to the Gentle Bamboo blog! We’re glad you’re here. On this blog, we will publish weekly lessons, ideas, tools, and activities for those involved in L&D.

We hope that we can add insight and value to help you on your journey of becoming a better trainer and facilitator.

Gentle Bamboo’s philosophy of L&D is founded on the GPS framework to give learners direction.

What is the GPS framework?

The GPS Framework stands for Gamify, Personalize, and Socialize. These 3 principles are key to making an effective, engaging training session. Each principle has a single purpose:

  • Gamify – make it fun
  • Personalize – make it individual
  • Socialize – make it interactive


When we talk about gamification, we mean baking enjoyment into learning. We try to think about games, activities, and engagement right from the beginning. We design our own sessions this way.

The alternative is making your material first, thinking “oh this is a bit dry” and then adding a game to it. That tends to make the game feel tacked on, and it doesn’t fit very well with your session.

Try and think about how to gamify your session when you’re designing it.
The value of gamification lies in being memorable. If your learner walks away from your session thinking “that wasn’t fun,” there is little chance that they will remember your lessons.

If they walk away happy, they will at least remember you and your core lessons.


If you are able to make the learner feel like the conversation is only between you and them, then you have successfully personalized the session. You should make your learner feel like you did the session only for them. The other people should “disappear”.

In such an environment, a learner will feel heard and seen. They will want to express themselves, and thus will engage with you.


Creating an environment where a learner wants to express themselves is good. You then should provide them the opportunity to do so. We try to build activities and opportunities for interaction within our training. This allows learners to interact with each other, in competition or cooperation.

A socialized environment buzzes with energy. Your participants will be able to feed on each other’s progress and excitement and have a better experience.


The GPS framework has enabled us to conduct successful training sessions for several clients. Our workflow for designing sessions has transformed because of GPS. We hope it will do the same for you.

In future blog posts, we will go into several aspects of gamification, personalization, and socialization. Until then, thank you for reading!