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The Great Resignation aka The Big Quit


All around the world in every industry and every role, people are quitting from their jobs. Whether it is due to the clarity brought by sitting at home during the global pandemic or the burnout due to the excessive stress brought by the global pandemic, the result is the same. People are quitting their jobs at a scale never seen before. Since it’s the same story everywhere, they are also immediately finding another job – usually paying much better than the one they quit.

Businesses are reacting in three entirely different ways:

  1. Some are blaming the "entitled" Millennials and Gen Z kids for being casual about work
  2. Some are actively trying to fight the trend by hiring at the same rate as the quitting, creating the so-called revolving door effect
  3. Some are taking a step back and reflecting about where they messed up as employers and what they can do better

I have nothing to say to the first category. They have their heads stuck so far deep in the sand that even Ostriches are ashamed of them.

The second category is hoping to treat the symptoms rather than the cause – thereby creating a vicious circle where the HR folks are feeling burnt out too.

The third category is made of fewer but more self-aware businesses. Introspection, whether it is personal or professional, often leads to understanding our own weaknesses and strengths better. It better prepares us to not be swayed by our biases. It helps us make better decisions considering the changing needs of the workforce. It allows us to look at our business from the point-of-view of those who make the biggest contribution to it.

A business is not a business if it has a ton of clients but no one wants to work there. A business doesn’t just exist to serve the clients. It also exists because of the employees who wake up every day and decide to continue working there. A business that worries incessantly about clients, but takes the employees for granted can’t continue serving those clients for too long.

A business mindset shift that offers employees a culture that creates opportunities to thrive and feel worthwhile is the only way forward. Appreciation, Recognition and Rewards are a good start. Conscious thought about going above and beyond the basics is the need of the hour. The good news is most businesses are already doing this for their clients forever. How about a bit of Employee Delight?

Over the next few days, I will try to talk about some ideas on this topic.