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The Hero Moment


A survey claims that 75% of everything that was learned 24 hours ago is forgotten. After a week 95% is forgotten. What then is the incentive of facilitator, trainer, or educator to put any effort into a session when barely 5% of it is going to be memorable?

Good question! The incentive is to make people who participate in your training sessions remember only one specific thing forever. That specific thing is going to remind them of what you taught and who you were – and by extension make the rest of the session memorable. Confused?

I am discussing a concept I like to call the Hero Moment.

The hero moment is, by design, the only thing that you want your learners to remember. Adults have a way of remembering things which is quite different from children. Most people associate concepts that they learn to the surroundings that they were in, the people they were with, the person who told them about it, and how they felt when they learned about it. That much is neuroscience. What you do with that knowledge is your skill.

Your job is simple. It is to leave one and only one moment in their mind which will get embedded deeply in their memory. The good news is that even your worst training session will still leave some memorable imprint on your learners’ minds. Every session has a hero moment already whether you know about it or not, whether you plan it or not, whether you design it or not.

Our real job is to consciously and carefully craft a Hero Moment for every training session we do. It will happen only when you work hard at it. The keywords here are consciously, carefully, and craft.

Go forth. Craft a Hero Moment in every session you do, and watch as the impact you create in your learners’ minds becomes more memorable.