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The Itch-Scratch cycle of Learning


What comes first? The chicken or the egg? The oak or the acorn? The itch or the scratch?

When some part of the body itches, our instinct is to scratch it. The scratching leads to some minor damage of the skin, which further causes another itch. That’s the beginning of the itch-scratch cycle. Sometimes, however, the itch starts because we scratch. It doesn’t matter what came first. Usually, the outcome is negative, and we are advised to stop scratching.

Learning new things is a positive manifestation of the itch-scratch thing. Sometimes we feel an urge to learn something and the act of learning itself fuels the urge to learn more. Slowly, but surely, we get to a point where learning becomes a part of our life.

Here’s the thing though. Waiting for the itch (the urge to learn) is a slow process. You can fast forward the outcome by scratching first.

Start learning something with no purpose in mind. Learning for the sake of learning, so to speak. The itch-scratch cycle will take over and you’ll start seeing results faster.